Marbella Town planning Law

A quick view over the planning situation of Marbella since “Gil” times

Marbella is a unique city, not just because of its climate but also due to its peculiar planning situation we have lived through in the last 20 years, since Jesús Gil y Gil was proclaimed Mayor in 1991 on a multitudinous wave of exasperation at the inaction of the previous Socialist government. The degree of the local population’s exasperation was so great that the Mayor’s eccentricities and outbursts of rudeness were overlooked, providing he got things done for the city. Gil y Gil understood that he could turnMarbellaurban planning processes into his private fiefdom. In order to understand how it can be possible for 18,000 illegal homes to be built in full view and tolerated by all and sundry, it is necessary to understand the insurance and outs of the political life of the municipality and the region. (more…)